We offer the following tests:

  • AC voltage tests up to 300 kV; 5kVA; 40 - 400Hz
  • DC voltage tests up to 280 kV; 5kW
  • Impulse voltage tests (lightning impulse 1.2/50 and switching impulse 250/2500)
    up to 1 MVpeak; 5 kJ;
  • Unipolar-repeating pulse voltages up to 50 kV/ 10 kHz
  • Partial discharge measurements (AC/ DC/ pulse)
  • Step test
  • variable frequencies: 7.5 kV to 10 kHz (sinusoidal)
  • Partial discharge measurements at AC and pulse voltages
  • Resistance measurements in the terraohmic range

Laboratory equipment for material investigations:

  • Measuring station for determination of dielectric parameters of liquid and solid materials
  • Oil testing equipment
  • Test rigs for durability tests: electrical up to 100 kV; thermal up to 180°C
  • Programmable climatic chamber (vol.: approx. 270l): temperature range: -40°C ... 180°C;
    humidity range: 10% ... 95% r.H.
  • Programmable drying ovens/heating ovens
  • Vacuum system
  • Desiccators for drying and conditioning of solid and liquid materials
  • Texture analyzer for surface and structure analysis of solid and gel-like materials
  • Measuring station for compression tests (force/pressure-displacement measurements)
  • Digital reflected light microscope, stereo reflected light microscope
  • Weighing equipment

Simulation capabilities:

  • Modeling and calculation of electrostatic fields



If you need any further information about our services and testing possibilities please contact us, you will find all details under contact.