One of the main competencies of CRW Engineering is material research. Here, our employees each draw on up to 20 years of experience. Some examples of investigations already carried out are:

  • Lifetime/aging investigations of insulating materials
  • Electrical strength (breakdown investigation)
  • Partial discharge measurement under various voltage forms
  • Determination of electrolytic corrosion
  • Determination of "conductive anodic filament formation" (CAF)
  • Determination of electrochemical migration (electrochemical migration, ECM)
  • Resistance measurements in the terraohmic range
  • Determination of dielectric parameters (dissipation factor, relative permittivity)


Knowing the behavior of insulating materials is essential to ensure reliable operation. Only by knowing e.g. electrical strength, aging, and partial discharge behavior, suitable applications can be found in which the material can be used economically.

The use of Nonlinear Conductive Materials (NLCM) offers many advantages in this respect. A special feature of these materials is the complex interconnection of their material properties, which makes it possible to induce desired properties by small adjustments of material parameters.

The investigation of these complex relationships of NLCM is one of our core areas and our extensive equipment allows all investigations to be carried out under various electrical and climatic loads.



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